We support the participation of young people in learning and work. As a local authority partnership, we support young people’s services by providing management information and data support, staff training and networking, information resources and developing programmes for young people

 News Welcome to CLC Building Futures!

Welcome to the new CLC Building Futures website, which was previously known as Central London Connexions. We continue to support young people's services to raise the participation of young people in learning and work. Our services, structures and contact details remain the same. If you have any queries, please contact us.

 Statutory Guidance Careers Guidance for Young People in Schools

DfE has published statutory guidance for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff on careers guidance and inspiration. There is also a non statutory supporting document titled 'Careers guidance: advice for schools' which provides examples of best practice.

Workforce development

A range of courses suitable for professionals working with young people

Young people

An App for young people providing information and advice on careers, jobs, training and education.

Live vacancies

Up to date job vacancy information including apprenticeships, part time jobs and other vacancies

Accreditation Logos