We support the participation of young people in learning and work. As a local authority partnership, we support young people’s services by providing management information and data support, staff training and networking, information resources and developing programmes for young people

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Welcome to the new CLC Building Futures website, which was previously known as Central London Connexions. We continue to support young people's services to raise the participation of young people in learning and work. Our services, structures and contact details remain the same. If you have any queries, please contact us.

 News and Opportunities
Hackney Opportunity Week (2nd - 6th March 2015)
If you are a young person wanting to get a job or prepare yourself for when you leave school, Hackney Opportunities Week is a great time to learn some useful skills. Here are just a few of the activities happening this year.

Housing Benefit: withdrawing entitlement from young people
- This note from the House of Commons library, covers policy announcements on the withdrawal of Housing Benefit entitlement from young people under 21. The note considers evidence on the potential impact of withdrawal and provides comment from housing organisations and those working with young homeless people.

Welfare Benefits for Young People (18th March 2015) - Book Now!
If you work with young people and families receiving or needing to claim benefits, this course is for you. It will give you an up to date overview of the system and how it works so that you can give the support they need.

Recent opportunities include many pre-employment and traineeship courses from City of Westminster College (covering Construction, Customer Service, Retail and Security). Current Apprenticeships include art, design and technical theatre opportunities at The South Bank Centre. There are more vacancies for those leaving education next summer including BT Finance, Engineering along with IT Apprenticeships and Transport for London Apprenticeships in Design, Business, Engineering and IT. The Gordon Ramsey Group and D&D London are also looking for Apprentice Chefs, starting this summer. Details in the Weekly Opportunities Bulletin.

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A range of courses suitable for professionals working with young people

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Up to date job vacancy information including apprenticeships, part time jobs and other vacancies

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